About Jordinn


I’m a mom of two and a minister in the Unitarian Universalist tradition.  Ministry is a second act for me– I have been a public school teacher and a homeschooling stay-at-home-mom; I also identify, usually fairly fondly, as a non-practicing lawyer.

My husband, my children, my congregation, and to some extent, my religion are involuntarily along for the ride, so I’ll try to be respectful to all of the above.  Each may occasionally question my sanity, but none has publicly disowned me yet.

Also, while I serve a lovely congregation in New England, the thoughts and opinions posted here are mine or those of our guest contributors; I speak solely for myself in sharing and interpreting them.

I started this blog because I’m passionate about faith–yours, mine, and ours.  I want to explore where it comes from, what we do with it, and especially whether and how we talk about it with each other, with our children, and with ourselves.

So glad you’re here.  Welcome to the conversation.

Rev. Jordinn Nelson Long

IMG_0258 - Version 3

St. Paul’s Lutheran (ELCA), Oak Park, IL-the temporary home of Unity Temple, Unitarian Universalist.       Photo: Alix Klingenberg Photography


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