this is your brain . . . and this is your brain on Unitarian Universalism

Fellow children of the 80’s know that the next line should be, “Any questions?”

I’m not asking, though.  I don’t want your questions–I already have more of my own than I can handle.  (I might accept some answers, if you’re volunteering.)

I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails, and I’m going to answer them briefly here.  No, I don’t think I’ve stopped blogging.  Yes, I’m going to finish the thought about church and dialogue.  Just not right this second.  I’m in the middle of something . . . we’re always in the middle of something, of course, but this particular process is a concrete one, with deadlines and other fun things.

More on that soon, maybe.  In the meantime, I needed to be able to hear myself think.  Which meant shutting up.


Enjoy the silence while it lasts.  I might have twice as much to say afterward.

If you require text-noise in the meantime, I suggest this . . . or this . . . or this.

peace, y’all.


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